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  1. G

    Can I switch from Tren to NPP?

    I’ve been on a Tren A cycle for the past 12 weeks, I want to switch to NPP for the last 4 weeks or maybe just for 2 weeks, what would you recommend? Also should I switch from Tren A to NPP or should I just add NPP to the cycle?
  2. Thehectordavid


    What up y’all have been currently deciding to bump test e to 750 a week (currently on 500) have seen significant progress at just 500 a week test only cycle have ran 3 so far. Sitting at 220 5’10 13% BF trying to see if bumping to 750 would be much of a difference or if I should throw in another...
  3. B

    Bulking NOT WORKING

    What’s up guys I’ve been bulking since May 17th. I cut last year naturally from September 2021 - May 2022. I stopped cutting because I wanted to get jacked and put on some muscle, & then try and cut again. Moving forward so I’m eating good groceries, I’m training hard 5-6 days a week, I’m even...