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growth hormone

  1. GGC

    [Source] Growth Guys - HUGE sale on HGH on NOW!

    Hello SST, Our name is GrowthGuysCanada but you can call us GGC for short. We're here to offer up a premiere option for fairly priced, high quality, domestic rHGH. We offer rotating batches of rHGH that have been thoroughly tested via Janoshik HPLC analysis to ensure the highest quality...
  2. H

    Finasteride demolished my Hormones and gave me Sexual problems. Ask me anything.

    I am a 24y/o male who got severe side effects from Finasteride including low T, low GH, Low libido, No morning wood, Penile numbness, Peyronie's disease(due to lack of blood flow). I was lucky that I didn't got any mental or neurological side effects. I have it all documented from my blood...
  3. H

    Growth hormone discussion.

    Hello all, first of all I am glad to be a member of SST. Secondly, I was going to place my first order of GH with ParetoPharma but I am curious about the selection of GH. I was given a choice between Optitropin and OXYGEN HGH, both have same price per unit. I am relatively skinny and I want to...
  4. H


    Hello everyone, I am a 25 y/o male whose natural hormonal profile got messed up after taking a prescribed medication. I tried to get treatment but was unable to. Life has been very tough since last year, but I have been consistently going to the gym, even thought I did not really gain much...
  5. opti

    Opti - HGH / Somatropin ++ AAS oils ++ AAS tabs ++ MISC.

    SST first and foremost I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community. I’m sure many of you are familiar with my Opti Somatropin, predominantly OptiTropin. Update 03/30/2024 I hope everyone is doing well. We have added a few injectables and clenbuterol from PHARMAQO. As...