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    Slight Gyno Flare up post-cycle

    Recently finished a cycle of 500mg Test E, 400mg Deca for 12 weeks (dropped deca at week 10, tapered off the 500mg dose of Test until I hit 125mg). I have ran this cycle twice before, never get even a touch of gyno on cycle. When I come off is when the gyno and body acne hits, taking arimidex...
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    I ordered some primo from Viper Flex. First time using this compound. I’ll go over the pros and cons. My cycle was originally 500 mgs of test and 200 mgs of primo. Low dosage of primo because I heard it caused hair loss. I went on a vacation to introduce my new born to my family. Usually I...
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    Looking for a trustworthy source to order Raloxifene “Evista” from in Canada.

    Looking to get my hands on some Raloxifene “Evista” as I heard it helps with Gyno wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction prefer to order it within Canada and from a trusted source. Thanks,
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    Nipple pain, despite using Arimidex

    Veteran TRT and Steroid abuser here. Been on 2 years, and was feeling great until about 4 months ago when I started having nipple pain despite using an AI. Went and got my prolactin and estrogen tested, estrogen came back exactly normal (35pgml IIRC) and prolactin came back low-normal, I think...
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    What does the onset of gyno feel like?

    A lot of guys talk about nipple sensitivity/itching with high E2, but I’m struggling to understand exactly how severe this is. Like how bad exactly is the itching/pain? Is it persistent or does it come and go? Is it pretty obvious/hard to miss when you’re in that high E2 early stage of gyno...