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Dec 27, 2023
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I ordered some primo from Viper Flex. First time using this compound. I’ll go over the pros and cons. My cycle was originally 500 mgs of test and 200 mgs of primo. Low dosage of primo because I heard it caused hair loss. I went on a vacation to introduce my new born to my family. Usually I inject once every three days, but I gave myself the full dose before the trip. Felt amazing for the first four days.

Everything went well until I got news that a pipe bursted in my house so I had to stay with my family for an extra three days. So I went 10 days without a shot. Ended up with a little gyno. I’m blaming the gyno on the test. Could have been a hormone crash. To go full bro science, it may have had to do with being around my new born. Because I never get gyno, not from deca, Tren, EQ, just once from a hundred mgs of anadrol daily.

I did order arimidex, but I decided to up my dose of Primobolan to 400 mgs because it’s supposed to be an anti estrogen. Totally working, my nipples are getting less irritated by the day. Hair shedding? Not as bad as Masteron. I feel like my wig isn’t in any serious danger. Acne? None. I broke out like a mother fucker on Tren.

Speaking of Tren, Primo is similar in a couple ways. I wasn’t working out hard on vacation, not really dieting well, but I still gained muscle and looked cut. I don’t expect easy results. This feels like my first cycle all over again with the weight I’m gaining. Just like Tren, you can cut on this, or bulk. It’s up to you.

Primo is like Tren with less side effects. I was super pissed on Tren and this compound hasn’t effected my mood very much. No erectile dysfunction so far. My testicles haven’t really shrunk. I guess the advantage Tren has is that it gives you a freaky look. Like people can tell you’re on something. Primo has me looking like a half natty. No crazy vascularity.

Some people don’t like primo. If you have a lot of body fat then you won’t notice the muscle shape. It doesn’t give you crazy strength gains. You don’t feel it like you do with Tren or Deca. Again, you won’t get a freaky look and might lose hair. Would recommend this compound to anyone.


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Mar 18, 2019
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Late to the party here, but to say it, lots of us travel with gear all the time.

Personally I prefer the labs that don't print sketchy-ass inkjet labels -- Hunter's looked like real pharma, Opti's are pretty good now.

They sell nice travel cases for diabetics, throw a few needles and syringes in one, mix up a blend of whatever your cycle is, put it in a pharma or pharma-looking test bottle, and you'll be fine. At a minimum, bring some orals or PCT ancillaries with you. No point in going through hell if your travel plans go sideways.