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  1. G


    I ordered some primo from Viper Flex. First time using this compound. I’ll go over the pros and cons. My cycle was originally 500 mgs of test and 200 mgs of primo. Low dosage of primo because I heard it caused hair loss. I went on a vacation to introduce my new born to my family. Usually I...
  2. G

    Test - Dbol - Primobolan

    I just started my cycle on Saturday. 250 mgs of test e every three days and 50 mgs of Dbol every day. I got both from ViperFlex. The 50 mgs ruined my appetite so I’m doing 25 at the moment. Ideally you start the primo once you’re done with the Dbol. Would doing them at the same time be a good...
  3. bicycleseatsniffer

    Muscle Candy Primobolan E (200mg/mL) Blind Testing Results

    Recently had a sample of 200mg/mL PrimoE I got from @MuscleCandy sent off to Janoshik for testing. (Awesome process they have at Janoshik, btw.). Picked a few vials up on a sale and got a few different batches so I opted to send one out for testing. Here are my results: Sample: Primobolan E...
  4. B

    Cutting cycle from source. No test

    Below is a cycle sent to me from my source. There is no testosterone in this, does this look right?? I just started but my question is do I need to run some test? And which kind. I would want to run one where I don’t have to pin so much. Thanks👇↙️ Ideal leaning cycle 30 minutes of cardio in...
  5. K

    Mental Effects and Feeling of Well-being of Primobolan vs. Masteron?

    Hello everyone, There seems to be a lot of disparity regarding the mental effects of these two compounds. I have searched several forums and Reddit on the mental effects of Masteron and Primobolan. It seems that most people say that Masteron has a stronger effect mentally, on aggression, and...