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  1. D

    Is optitropin legit?

    I’ve been looking for some affordable hgh and optitropin seems to be popular. A friend of mine told me that any hgh under 500 dollars is 100% fake so I’d like to hear everyone’s experience with optitropin.
  2. D

    Best source for Human growth hormone?

    I am new here and would like everyone’s input on good sources for human growth hormone here on sst.
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    Kits4Less is a USA based company on a mission to change the game of generic HGH. We aim to bridge the gap between affordability and quality with our strict lab-testing & quality control standards. Every batch of HGH is quality tested before it’s listed for sale, & we simultaneously maintain...
  4. J

    IGF-1 LR3 vs. Semaglutide

    What is the difference between IGF-1 LR3 and Semaglutide? Can they be taken together? Is taking HGH and the combo above too much? My understanding: IGF-1 LR3 stops sugar from metabolizing into body. Semaglutide suppresses appetite HGH increase HGH which helps burn fat and hold/build...
  5. B

    Genotropin Without The Pen

    What's up guys. Genotropin GoQuick pens are out of stock across the entire country. The only alternative we can find are the cartridges for the pen. Attached a picture of the box below. Question is — how do I get this into my bloodsream? What's the best approach here.
  6. S

    HGH not dissolving

    as title says , I used 2 vials that dissolved perfectly , then 2 didnt dissolve at all , my fifth dissolved fine , all from the same source and kit any idea why ?
  7. W

    HGH: Serostim & Omnitrope Sources

    Who is the best source for Serostim and Omnitrope? I do not mind paying a premium for pharma-grade.
  8. M

    Hgh dosing protocols

    Sup fellas, so I recently heard some guys use hgh in larger doses MWF as opposed to daily dosing with the idea being that the larger doses give larger spikes in igf1. Of course for fat loss the daily smaller doses makes sense. What do you guys think? Has anyone tried both and compared bloods?
  9. M

    Meditrope brown tops

    Are these legit Meditrope or good knock offs? Everything seems legit the tops have the logo and it’s also etched on the vial. Only thing is the top is brown and on the Meditrope site they’re black or mauve. Does anyone know ?
  10. I

    Hgh relates carpal tunnel

    I have had the worst carpal tunnel with this latest batch of hgh. Never experienced this previously. I have cut back from 4iu to 3iu and now lash few days 2iu per day and it’s still unbearable. Keeps me up at night and the mornings are incredibly bad, sometimes losing function in my right hand...
  11. GGC

    [Source] Growth Guys - HUGE sale on HGH on NOW!

    Hello SST, Our name is GrowthGuysCanada but you can call us GGC for short. We're here to offer up a premiere option for fairly priced, high quality, domestic rHGH. We offer rotating batches of rHGH that have been thoroughly tested via Janoshik HPLC analysis to ensure the highest quality...
  12. H

    Growth hormone discussion.

    Hello all, first of all I am glad to be a member of SST. Secondly, I was going to place my first order of GH with ParetoPharma but I am curious about the selection of GH. I was given a choice between Optitropin and OXYGEN HGH, both have same price per unit. I am relatively skinny and I want to...
  13. W

    HGH for Wife/"anti-aging" Dose per IU?

    Ordered blue tops from CL before they closed. Plain box, no labels on vials. I believe they are 10iu vials i will reconstitute with 1CC bac water. Not used to dealing with IU's. I use and have .5mL (.5cc) syringes from my peptide days. Question is.... what is a good anti-aging dose for a...
  14. opti

    Opti - HGH / Somatropin ++ AAS oils ++ AAS tabs ++ MISC.

    SST first and foremost I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community. I’m sure many of you are familiar with my Opti Somatropin, predominantly OptiTropin. Update 03/30/2024 I hope everyone is doing well. We have added a few injectables and clenbuterol from PHARMAQO. As...