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  1. personalpurgatorium

    is aminoUSA legit? anyone ever use it?

    ive been looking for reasonably priced peptide sources that don't charge up the ass for an arm and a leg. running tesamorelin is insanely expensive at the doses required for it to work. i've seen a few random peptide websites come up with a google search, aminoUSA was one that stood out to me...
  2. P


    Hey everyone, If I inject 3ml of bacteriostatic water into 5mg of BPC-157, how long would that last me? assuming I'm taking 250mcg two times a day for a total of 500mcg a day. I really appreciate any help I'm a little confused and trying to learn the math / if I need to order more
  3. CosmicPCT

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  5. hypeofbeauty1

    Upcoming hernia surgery. Recovery advice/questions.

    I have been debating about going through with a surgery to repair a Inguinal hernia on my pelvic/pubescent right side. The time they say/strongly recommend that I need to be resting and not doing any strenuous activity. they recommend at least 1-2 weeks not doing anything and then up to 3 weeks...