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test cyp

  1. Z

    Test E Vs Test C injection intervals

    Stupid question I know y’all but I’m still new to this and I’m about to buy some test. Which esther of testosterone do I pin twice a week? This will be my first cycle and I’ll be doing 350mg pinning Monday and Thursday I just need to know which type of Esther I would be buying. Thanks for future...
  2. D

    PCT Advice

    I’m about to start a 12 week cycle of 300mg Tren A per week and 200mg Test C per week, but I’m struggling to figure out what the best date to start a clomid/nolvadex PCT. From what I’ve seen, if I were just taking Tren I should start it 3 days after my last administration, and if I were just...
  3. acetate_jake

    Azteca Gold - Test C 150mg/week - 1057ng/dl - 7x

    Link to Bloodwork Insert Image Link Here Source @azteca Test Ester Running Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 150mg Other Compounds in Cycle n/a Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) n/a Weeks Run 6 Draw Time from Last Pin 48 hours Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl...
  4. G

    Pharma Grade Test C

    Anyone have legit US Domestic sources for pharmagrade Test C or E? What is your experience? Also legit PCT supplier? Heard Dash is good. but open to new supplier Thanks
  5. L

    BioPharmaUSA Test C 200 mg/week 1977 ng/dL 9.89x

    Link to Bloodwork Source @BioPharmaUSA Test Ester Running Test Cypionate Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 200 mg Other Compounds in Cycle HCG Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 1000 IU / Week Weeks Run 8 Draw Time from Last Pin 50 Blood Results Testosterone Reading in ng/dl...
  6. P

    ViperFlex Deca/Test

    Blown away at the fact that they MCT Oil, great packaging first things first. Quick shipping I live in the states. Test definitely had no reaction no pip, absolutely flawless pins the past few that I’ve done. Same with DECA genuinely feel like this source is solid/reliable. Will definitely be...
  7. J

    Blood work: Hunter Pharma Cyp250 .5ml 2x per week

    This was my blood work 14 weeks post cycle. Only running Hunter Pharma Test Cyp 250mg. Pinning .5ml 2x per week. No AI. So Hunter Pharma Test is def kicking ass. I just brought down my inj to 200mg per week to lower my numbers and I'm taking an AI to lower my estradiol. I saw a post earlier...