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Azteca test e 150mg/wk 1173 ng/dl

Oct 26, 2021
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Link to BloodworkInsert Image Link Here
SourceAzteca gold
Test Ester RunningEnanthate
Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg)150mg
Other Compounds in Cycle3 iu hgh ED, 250 hcg eod
Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg)Mg
Weeks Run5 weeks
Draw Time from Last Pin48 hours
Blood Results
Testosterone Reading in ng/dl1173 ng/dl
Testosterone Multiplier6x
Test Capped at 1500?No
Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/mlN/A
Liver/Lipids Elevated?No
Anything Else Goes Below
Blood Thicker than Yogurt pls help, Why am I still smol?


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