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Homebrew formula (math inside)


Since the basskiller calculator has been dead a while, here’s your formula for your homebrews.

X = how much raw we need
Z = desired Dosage
D = displacement factor
Y = desired yield

(X/Z)(D) = Y

You should already know the dosage you want and the desired yield, which is based on how long you want to run your cycle and how much per week you’re gonna pin.

So let’s run an example. Say we want to run Primo at 600 mg/wk for 20 weeks. We need to know how much raw powder to order. We plan to pin 3x per week at 200mg/mL. 20 weeks x 3x/wk means we need 60mL. So Here’s the math for 60mL’s of 200mg/mL of Primo.

Primo has a Displacement factor of 0.952. We’re solving for X, bc we want to know how much raw powder we need.

(X/Z)(D) = Y
[(X)mg/200mg]0.952 = 60mL

We need to isolate the x, so start by dividing our total volume goal by the displacement factor. Then multiply both sides by the dosage to clear it out. This leaves us with 12605 mg of raw.
(60mg/0.952)x200 = 12605mg

Now there’s 1000mg in a gram and raws are sold by the gram.

12605mg/1000 = 12.6 grams

Next we figure out what percentage of BA and BB we want. In my case I want 1.5% BA and 18% BB. Simply use the percentage you want by the final yield you’re shooting for.

BA = 60mL x 1.5% = 0.9mL BA

BB = 60mL x 18% = 10.8mL BB

Now when doing the math for the oil, take your 12.6g of powder and consider this 12.6mL when in liquid. As we used the displacement factor.
0.9mL BA
10.8mL BB
24.3 mL

We want 60mL in this example. So we need 35.7mL of oil.

***In my experience, you’re gonna end up with too much oil and a diluted product if you use this #. So don’t use all the oil at once. Use 1/2 to 3/4. Then add the rest of the oil to your desired yield on your graduated cylinder once you’ve added the solvents and let cool to room temp***
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