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Steroidify Testobolin Test E 350mg/wk 2248 ng/dl 6.42x


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Feb 1, 2022
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Source@Steroidify Rep
Test Ester RunningEnanthate
Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg)350mg
Other Compounds in Cycle1. MENT Enanthate
2. Masteron Enanthate
3. Anavar
4. hCg
5. Ipamorelin/MOD-grf (CJC-1295 w/o DAC)
6. TB-500
7. BPC-157
8. Aromasin
Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg)1. 91mg
2. 466mg
3. 210mg
4. 582.5IU
5. 3.5mg
6. 3.5mg
7. 3.5mg
8. 23.3mg
Weeks Run8 weeks
Draw Time from Last Pin48 hours
Blood ResultsYes
Testosterone Reading in ng/dl2248 ng/dl
Testosterone Multiplier6.42x
Test Capped at 1500?No
Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml81 pg/mL
Liver/Lipids Elevated?Yes
Anything Else Goes Below

I’m on week 8 of my 16 week cycle. I’ve been pinning E3D but am switching up to SubQ daily to see if that makes a difference in my mood. I’ve noticed some mood swings, but that’s easily attributable to several factors. My progesterone seems to be on the high end, though I’m not sure how to control it besides reducing or stopping the MENT. I’m considering upping the aromasin to 20mg E3D instead of the 10mg E3D I have been doing. I didn’t think the 350mg/week would get me at over 2000 on my trough, but I was obviously wrong. Steroidify was one of the first and my main source for these compounds, especially with the sales they have and I have yet to see a larger selection of inventory, or one that includes as many test results for each product.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I am taking 40mg accutane daily as well.


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