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    Best place for syringes ?

    The needles and syringes are not your issue bud, you're either pinning thick gear (high concentration per ml, or the carrier oil is thick) or you're pinning into scar tissue that is blocking the flow of the oil. Heat your oils up to thin them out a bit and inject while they're still warm, and if...
  2. J

    Best Raw Source? Can't seem to find any listed

    You sure didn't look very hard at all OP.
  3. J

    Source with the best dhb

    Welcome to newbieville where people think one source's product beats another's! Brb hunting for the best Ibuprofen! A drug is a drug. This board holds all approved sources to the same standard. No lab's product is 'better' than another's; DHB is DHB whether you get it from Brad's Bathtub or Bo...
  4. J

    That caveman guy who eats raw meat is saucin right?!

    The incredibly negative hive mind here is interesting. I never thought an SST thread would resemble the comments section of a social media post where bots and algorithms have clearly curated the replies to all push one common ideology.
  5. J

    Anyone in the Austin area know a good place to train?

    My mental map isn't too great but if you're within driving distance of Metroflex Arlington or MF Fort Worth they're both great. Ronnie trains regularly at the Arlington MF so you may even get to see the legend. For something smaller/quieter, Quads Gym in Keller is a great little hole in the wall...
  6. J

    wraps and straps

    As long as they cover the whole knee joint they're fine, so if they aren't going up over your quad just keep them a bit lower. But yes, tighter is almost always better unless it makes you have circulation issues that endanger you during lifts.
  7. J

    wraps and straps

    Wear all of it if you want to and then some. I'm getting older, in the past couple years I just finally began implementing some protective equipment and it has helped immensely. 5mm Knee sleeves ain't much but it shuts down knee aches for me, wrist wraps for heavy pressing are basically...
  8. J

    Newbie: First Cycle Clen/Var

    1800cals at 300+ is starvation. You will drop down quick but the end result may not be one you're happy with as far as the amount of muscle you actually have. Might very well end up with a LOT of loose skin too and look very 'skinnyfat'.
  9. J

    Newbie: First Cycle Clen/Var

    Get on a cycle of consuming less calories per day and increasing your overall physical work load while maintaining the same or reduced stress levels and getting adequate sleep.
  10. J

    Cl labs

    My wrong what?
  11. J

    Cl labs

    From the article: "On August 25, 2022, KPD and USPIS served a search warrant at a Kirkland residence in the Kingsgate neighborhood. They uncovered a sophisticated illegal drug distribution operation that included large amounts of anabolic steroids, packaging, distribution lists, chemicals and...
  12. J

    Iron Anabolics removed until Further Notice

    This thread is almost 2 years old bro.
  13. J


    We seem to be getting more people asking about recreational drugs/non-steroids on our forum than usual lately.
  14. J


    @BioPharmaUSA ^ That's my answer to how I'd feel about the situation. Tag the source, let them throw their side into the mix and then we can all pick sides and fight each other about it.
  15. J

    Colonial Labs removed until further notice

    Well that's upsetting, I enjoyed the simplicity of a website based ordering system and trusted them. I know others have sites too, but I don't yet trust them enough to use them. Hope they return.