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  • Started up blending a container of greek yogurt daily to add to diet and see if I can push myself t the 250ish range. The farts are INCREDIBLE.
    Since the forearm is still LOLNOPE I've begun chasing dumb lifts. 675lb barbell glute bridge lol, think I can hit 800 in a month or so working the technique out.
    It's been almost a month into this cut and I hate this choice and I miss food. Please send help. I need pizza.
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    Just add some Tren and have your pizza :) /s
    I actually gave in and went to CiCis (pizza buffet in case they're not a thing in your area) the other day and binged hard. Woke up a pound lighter the next morning, so all is good :D
    My cut is ending next week 6 pack achieved. I have faith in you, you can do this haha. Stay strong
    Sitting on a 1970 total @ 226lbs. If I cut 6lbs and compete again I'll rank #59 worldwide in the -220, or compete in the 242s and rank #167 which puts me 1 above Ed fucking Coan. Decisions decisions.
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