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  1. T

    Cycle over 40 (about to turn 43)

    Hello! First time to post on this forum - I have been following it since I joined. I think I already found two suppliers on here, hopefully they are legit. A little about myself, seeking cycle advice for someone over 40 (I turn 43 in March). About me: I have been lifting and training since I...
  2. J

    I’m new

    I’m cycling using Tren / Test Cyp. I’ve been doing it for maybe 3 month but, the Tren is making cardio impossible. I want to build muscle but, I really am concerned about the stubborn fat in my abdomen. I have Semaglutide (haven’t started yet) but I want to know if Semaglutide can be used...
  3. G

    Can I switch from Tren to NPP?

    I’ve been on a Tren A cycle for the past 12 weeks, I want to switch to NPP for the last 4 weeks or maybe just for 2 weeks, what would you recommend? Also should I switch from Tren A to NPP or should I just add NPP to the cycle?
  4. G

    Anecdotal Experience with Cutting Compounds? First timer.

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for awhile but this is my first post. I have questions about compounds to aid my cutting (goal 6-7% body fat). Context: 24y/o, 5'7 currently at 159lbs. My estimate of current body comp is 10% body fat. I've been cutting since January 16th. Down 41lbs from...
  5. Thehectordavid


    What up y’all have been currently deciding to bump test e to 750 a week (currently on 500) have seen significant progress at just 500 a week test only cycle have ran 3 so far. Sitting at 220 5’10 13% BF trying to see if bumping to 750 would be much of a difference or if I should throw in another...
  6. L

    Save Anavar and Tren for Cutting

    Anavar and Tren are two compounds which IMO should exclusively be used during a cutting phase. This is because these are the only two AAS (as far as I’m aware) which antagonize the glucocorticoid receptor. There are many things BESIDES testosterone which affect net muscle protein balance. 1)...
  7. T

    Adding orals to my prep, need advice

    I’m around 8 weeks out from my shows. Sitting around 193lb fasted at 6ft tall. Current cycle is 500 Test E and 300 Mast E Monday/Thursday, Tren A 50 ED, 25mg of Anavar ED. I’m thinking about adding 25mg of Winstrol and 25mg of Proviron for the next 6 week. Is it beneficial in adding these two...
  8. B

    Calorie deficit - cutting discussion

    So been doing a calorie deficit x carb cycle. Only problem is I run out of calories around the time I work out, and I’m not able to fuel my workouts properly. Normally I will eat a bunch of nutrient dense foods before and after workouts and now it’s nothing. I’m having trouble with this. I’m...