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  1. z3r0

    First timer questions.

    I'm getting ready for my first cycle. A little background: I'm 50, I'm not new to the gym but I've only just recently gotten back into it (12 weeks ago), I'm 215lbs (97.7kg), 5'11" (180cm), lean mass multi-site caliper calc 177lbs (80.5kg). My intent is to start in the shallow end. I have zero...
  2. D

    1000iu HCG EoD to regain fertility

    Potentially want kids. Thinking about restarting the boys this summer. I recently got a sperm test and it came back -0-. Drop test/orals, start 1000mg hCG eod, expect balls to pinch like no other, good to go? Will have anastrozole on hand in case of e2 spikes.
  3. L

    Fertility Concerns?

    Any of you guys experience fertility difficulties that you couldn’t mitigate with HCG/HMG? I’m curious to hear about anyone’s experience with conceiving while on AAS
  4. G

    HCG or no? First Cycle

    What's up everyone! Looking forward to running my first cycle after getting bloodwork in a few weeks. I am 27, 5'11" @ 170. Started working out 5x a week a few months ago. I was previously 140-150 my entire life but have recently been able to gain 20 lbs due to a new medication. I plan to run...