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  1. G

    which is the best source for getting Anavar to the USA FAST

    I have looked at majority of the sources here and I see juiceape and pharmahgh as potential places to get some gear. I’m looking to start my anavar cycle, next week and would like a place that could deliver my gear this week if I order on Monday. Any suggestions and have any of you tried the...
  2. S

    Not a gym newbie, but a gear newbie

    Been lifting for about 10 years. Life happened and I left the gym for a little over a year. Got back on the wagon, hitting it hard for 6 months now, but stuck at the same weight. Looking to jump-start my weight loss. I’m thinking winny, clen, and anavar for a 2-3 month cut. But I’m so new/stupid...
  3. O

    Another fking newbie

    Happy Saturday to everyone around the world on this forum. I'm in the United States. I'm a 40 something-year-old male who is looking to improve his fitness journey. I am looking for guidance and probably lurking in your comments to learn from what others are saying. I have been on TRT for a...
  4. z3r0

    First timer questions.

    I'm getting ready for my first cycle. A little background: I'm 50, I'm not new to the gym but I've only just recently gotten back into it (12 weeks ago), I'm 215lbs (97.7kg), 5'11" (180cm), lean mass multi-site caliper calc 177lbs (80.5kg). My intent is to start in the shallow end. I have zero...
  5. S

    Bulking versus Cutting

    My biggest question and personal problem has been how do I stay lean and gain muscle? Is it even possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Or at least lose fat and not lose muscle at the same time? I see a lot of conflicting info out there. I just ended a bulking phase and...
  6. S

    Somewhat new to PED’s need advice

    What up everyone. Like the top says I’m somewhat new to all this. I need some advice on how to properly cycle my test E 300. I’ve been running 500 test e for about 6 months and I’m wondering if there is any value in blasting and cruising test? I just want to make sure I’m doing what is healthy...
  7. H


    Hello everyone, I am a 25 y/o male whose natural hormonal profile got messed up after taking a prescribed medication. I tried to get treatment but was unable to. Life has been very tough since last year, but I have been consistently going to the gym, even thought I did not really gain much...
  8. S

    Looking to learn

    I’m new to this but have been weight training for years. Just now after going through some medical issues, I’m looking to get my body ready for competition. Where do I start? I’d like to understand test and what it can do for me and what if anything I need with it. A solid source would be...