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  1. M

    need to pct after blasting for health reasons

    Hello, Im 20 years old and i've been training for around 6 years at this point, about 8 months ago i decided to finally hop on and Ive been blasting and cruising test e since than at 500 mg a week and 150 cruise. after going over my blood work with my doctor and doing some self analyzation of my...
  2. Andrewthetrainer


    43, 6'2" 235# 15% body fat Started Test-C 8 months ago, added EQ 4 months ago, LOVING THE RESULTS. Gained muscle the entire time, Cut to 10% bodyfat at first and the Bulk has been incredible. This was all under the guidance of my virtual coach and it was my first time with injectables. Coach...
  3. CosmicPCT

    [source] CosmicPCT - INT/US - Indian/Turkish Pharmacy - Affordable Pharma Meds - Pharma HGH, Bayer Rimobolan & more ! - Tirzepatide & Semaglutide - Your Bodybuilding Pharmacy. (Our fully function store is currently in development) Contact Information Telegram: @ CosmicPCT Telegram Private Group: Email: [email protected] Join our private community for exclusive deals and...
  4. G

    PCT and off cycle duration

    Hi there. I just wanted to get a few opinions as I’m ending my first cycle I’ve done in years this week. I just ran Test E for 8 weeks to make sure everything was on the up and up. It all seems well. I’m going to take 20mg Tamoxifen two weeks after ending my cycle. I have almost no high...