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  1. M

    Topical Test Cream Source Needed for Medical condition

    I have been diagnosed with an eyelid condition that some Italian doctors believe can be fixed by application of topical testosterone cream. I’m in pretty desperate need of a source because my test is too high for a prescription. Anyone know of anything that can help? I’m USA based
  2. H

    testosterone cypionate to the uk

    Are there any verified and reliable sources that ship testosterone cypionate to the UK?
  3. M

    Can I use my Test if the vile has been in my car for a long time?

    I bought some test a while back and I had a vile and a half left over. When I moved I threw it in my glove box and forgot about it. I wanna get back on a test cycle, can I use that test vile if its been sitting there for months. Temperatures has gone up and down and sometimes even over 100...
  4. C

    Synergy vs HunterPharm - who do you prefer?

    Those of you who have ordered products through Synergy and/or HunterPharm: Which vendor do you prefer? Does one offer superior product over the other? I’m trying to decide which vendor I’d like to order through as both of these guys seem pretty well-reviewed and have been around for a while.
  5. B

    What testosterone to run for first cycle?

    I'm 33 y.o, currently been on hgh for about 8 weeks want to add some test for 6-10 weeks but am unsure what I should start off with. I have t400 but was told that wouldnt be the best starting point.... Any suggestions?? Taking the hgh for torn ligaments and muscles that were healed by prp...
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    First injectable cycle

    Hi, Just did a first anavar cycle only 25 mg / day and feel great but gains are indeed very mild. Looking forward to do my first injectable cycle that would look like : Test E 400 mg x 16 weeks (once a week) Anavar 25 mg 1 x day for the last 50 days Arimidex x .5mg a day for the last 50days...
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    First Cycle Suggestion

    What’s up guys ? I used SARMS (RAD140 and LGD Stack) few month back and I always got told to take test because its side effects are way better. So after some research I found 500mg/wk for 12 weeks is a good starting point. I wanted to ask should I be getting test e or c and what AI (aromatase...
  8. D

    Test/mast compound.

    Have trained for 5 years Dialed in diet for 1.5 years with bulks and cuts to recomp Started test e in January, 500 a week (2 doses of 250) ran with Anavar for 6 weeks. Ran test same dose since then with diet and training consistency, but more towards summer cut. Down about 25-27 lbs...
  9. Z

    When should I administer an AI and how many times a week?

    In a week or two I plan on going on my first cycle of 300mg of test and I was wondering, if I start noticing sides when and how many times I should administer my AI. I’m planning on using aromasin and I’m new to this whole deal so I was wondering how many times a week I should take it if needed...
  10. Z

    Test and Infertility

    When it comes to test and infertility a lot of people are telling me once I hop on I won’t be able to procreate which I think is bs. This is kind of a dumb question I feel like but I need some feedback. Since ya’ll probably know a lot more than the people I work with. Any feedback is...
  11. Z

    300mg of test or 500mg?

    Just a question for y’all, soon I’ll be hopping on my first cycle and I’m stuck between starting off with 300mg of test or 500mg. I realize that usually the more mg the more likely side effects will show up. However, I didn’t know if it was worth it starting off with 300 or 250 because I’m...
  12. G

    How should I ask my doctor for test

    I have a few questions - how many of y’all have done test at 18 and how has it impacted you - I’m going to get blood work done at my doctor, how could I ask him for test. - How has cardarine affected you guys and would you recommend it - How do you think test at my age will affect me if...
  13. K

    Mental Effects and Feeling of Well-being of Primobolan vs. Masteron?

    Hello everyone, There seems to be a lot of disparity regarding the mental effects of these two compounds. I have searched several forums and Reddit on the mental effects of Masteron and Primobolan. It seems that most people say that Masteron has a stronger effect mentally, on aggression, and...
  14. H

    Finasteride demolished my Hormones and gave me Sexual problems. Ask me anything.

    I am a 24y/o male who got severe side effects from Finasteride including low T, low GH, Low libido, No morning wood, Penile numbness, Peyronie's disease(due to lack of blood flow). I was lucky that I didn't got any mental or neurological side effects. I have it all documented from my blood...
  15. W

    Starting my first cycle

    Im 20 years old, 5'8 and a bodyweight of 195 with relatively lower bodyfat. For my weight right now I'm pushing high numbers in training but I'm wanting to put on more size for a bodybuilding show within the next year. I was wondering where to really start with dosages and how everything should...
  16. J

    Eurochem labs

    Hey everyone! My supplier I was using stopped carrying a brand of test e I really liked and my body agreed with. I’m curious if anyone knows a source that stocks “Eurochem Labs” Enanject 250? Thanks I’m advance! Cheers