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    Just want to get some feedback on MENT and Tren. My normal stack is Tren 100mg EOD, 500mg Test-E. For some reason I love the Tren cough but lately with a supplier changing his disty it doesn't happen anymore. I used his MENT and it had no positive effects only produced more body hair. I'm pretty...
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    Can I switch from Tren to NPP

    I’ve been on a cycle of Tren A for the past 12 weeks and I want to switch to NPP for the last 4 weeks, what would you recommend?
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    Can I switch from Tren to NPP?

    I’ve been on a Tren A cycle for the past 12 weeks, I want to switch to NPP for the last 4 weeks or maybe just for 2 weeks, what would you recommend? Also should I switch from Tren A to NPP or should I just add NPP to the cycle?
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    tren and muscle definition

    I'm currently at week 10 of a light test and tren cycle. my "problem" is that i don't see any changes. like the skin on my arms is ripping because of growth and i have pretty heavy insomnia but i don't see any growth elsewhere, strength is pretty much the same and the muscle definition/ fat...
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    Current Cycle Tren A/ Test C

    What’s up y’all, thought I’d fill you in and keep you updated with my current cycle. I’m running 300mg Tren A and 200mg Test C per week. I just got my initial blood work done today, the first test will be a limited test because my hormonal levels will be in a normal range and visible. With that...
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    PCT Advice

    I’m about to start a 12 week cycle of 300mg Tren A per week and 200mg Test C per week, but I’m struggling to figure out what the best date to start a clomid/nolvadex PCT. From what I’ve seen, if I were just taking Tren I should start it 3 days after my last administration, and if I were just...
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    Save Anavar and Tren for Cutting

    Anavar and Tren are two compounds which IMO should exclusively be used during a cutting phase. This is because these are the only two AAS (as far as I’m aware) which antagonize the glucocorticoid receptor. There are many things BESIDES testosterone which affect net muscle protein balance. 1)...
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    Viper Flex (Multiple Compound Review)

    Hey there as promised in my T/A review here is my review on the compounds themselves. Tren a - has been working absolutely amazing. Exactly what I expect and have come to get out of tren a. Tren cough regularly (scar tissue), night sweats like a monster, insane pumps, lack of energy...