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Anavar Gummies


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I'm not a homebrewer so this may be retarded but hear me out.

Anavar raws, like most orals, can just be swallowed and they will work. When I want to run orals I just use raws from Dragon, weigh it on a little scale and down em. Works great, super cheap compared to pressed tabs or caps.

So my thought process here is that if you can make gummies or other candies in general then you should be fine if you just follow whatever the candy recipe is and then add in enough raw var so that it spreads out across however many gummies you make (Ex If you make 50 and want each to be 50mg then use 2,500mg of drug) and all should work as intended.

Again I am not into homebrewing but I have used raws for orals instead of buying finished ones for a while and it's no different.