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first cycle

  1. GoatedGoat

    Basics | Before a first cycle help

    I know things like the dosages to take and things like that. Need more help on like where should I store it, where to get at home bloodwork (live in nyc), any other things that might get forgotten easier, tips & etc. Thank you very much.
  2. M

    need to pct after blasting for health reasons

    Hello, Im 20 years old and i've been training for around 6 years at this point, about 8 months ago i decided to finally hop on and Ive been blasting and cruising test e since than at 500 mg a week and 150 cruise. after going over my blood work with my doctor and doing some self analyzation of my...
  3. Andrewthetrainer


    43, 6'2" 235# 15% body fat Started Test-C 8 months ago, added EQ 4 months ago, LOVING THE RESULTS. Gained muscle the entire time, Cut to 10% bodyfat at first and the Bulk has been incredible. This was all under the guidance of my virtual coach and it was my first time with injectables. Coach...
  4. T

    Cycle over 40 (about to turn 43)

    Hello! First time to post on this forum - I have been following it since I joined. I think I already found two suppliers on here, hopefully they are legit. A little about myself, seeking cycle advice for someone over 40 (I turn 43 in March). About me: I have been lifting and training since I...
  5. GoatedGoat

    First Cycle Finalizing

    Been reading up and etc. Here is what my first cycle should look like if anyone thinks any alterations should be given then please give them. Taking any and all advice, thank you. Bloods Timing: Pre, 4Weeks In, Post-2 Weeks Length: 16 weeks 375 Test C per week E3D 20mg Tamoxifen ED...
  6. GoatedGoat

    First Cycle Help

    I will take any and all suggestions, thank you for your help this is what I am planning on doing. Would like to know if this is a good first cycle. Planning in using Goodlyfe as a source. If you guys have any other like sort of pdfs or any large chunks of information you could link before a...
  7. M

    First injectable cycle

    Hi, Just did a first anavar cycle only 25 mg / day and feel great but gains are indeed very mild. Looking forward to do my first injectable cycle that would look like : Test E 400 mg x 16 weeks (once a week) Anavar 25 mg 1 x day for the last 50 days Arimidex x .5mg a day for the last 50days...
  8. S

    First Cycle

    howdy yall 22yr-175lbs-6ft1.5in going to get a blood test later this week. Many signs point to slightly lower than average for my age test levels. (eating disorder when growing up didn't help) 3500-3800 cal- 180g pr - 200g carbs /daily Steadily gaining 5lbs a month for the past 4 months. meh...
  9. M

    First Cycle Suggestion

    What’s up guys ? I used SARMS (RAD140 and LGD Stack) few month back and I always got told to take test because its side effects are way better. So after some research I found 500mg/wk for 12 weeks is a good starting point. I wanted to ask should I be getting test e or c and what AI (aromatase...
  10. z3r0

    First timer questions.

    I'm getting ready for my first cycle. A little background: I'm 50, I'm not new to the gym but I've only just recently gotten back into it (12 weeks ago), I'm 215lbs (97.7kg), 5'11" (180cm), lean mass multi-site caliper calc 177lbs (80.5kg). My intent is to start in the shallow end. I have zero...
  11. Vio

    600mg test cycle

    This will be my 2nd cycle. My first was years ago and was test e and EQ. Now I am a little older (29) and work construction building homes so I’m very active during the day. Hopping on a 600mg a week cycle of test e (2 300mg shots) I was debating stacking it with dbol but decided just to run...
  12. L

    Advice for a total beginner

    Hey! After 8 years of constant weekly 6x training I'm ready to get on the next level, I accept all the consequences from using steroids. I'm moderably lean, got some muscle, looking into getting more. As the title say, i'm looking for some advices, what and how much should I take for my first...
  13. D

    Need help in cycling EPO

    I want to run my 1st epo cycle in the off season to train for track. How would i cycle it? Please help
  14. D

    How would i go about 1st EPO cycle?

    I want to cycle EPO to get faster, i am a female distance runner with main focus on the 1600 and 3200. Does anybody know how i could cycle it, how long it would be detectable for, and how long i would reap the benefits after my cycle?
  15. C

    Increased heart rate after second dose of Test-e.

    This is my first cycle taking 500mg test-e a week. first week was normal, felt great and energetic. last Friday went out with friends and got drunk; Saturday had a bad hangover but nothing out of the ordinary; at around 8pm after feeling almost 100% recovered from the hangover I did my second...
  16. W

    Starting my first cycle

    Im 20 years old, 5'8 and a bodyweight of 195 with relatively lower bodyfat. For my weight right now I'm pushing high numbers in training but I'm wanting to put on more size for a bodybuilding show within the next year. I was wondering where to really start with dosages and how everything should...
  17. G

    HCG or no? First Cycle

    What's up everyone! Looking forward to running my first cycle after getting bloodwork in a few weeks. I am 27, 5'11" @ 170. Started working out 5x a week a few months ago. I was previously 140-150 my entire life but have recently been able to gain 20 lbs due to a new medication. I plan to run...